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Others talk and write a lot about environmental protection, climate protection etc. We don't talk and write for long, but we act and make our active contribution to it...

This is how our "green" projects came into being, which we were ultimately able to realise successfully for ourselves despite various resistances, various setbacks, disappointments, financial losses and problems, and which we are now making available to the general public at affordable prices. Thus everyone has the possibility to make his own active contribution...!

For a long time we have been successfully using various NLS devices in our energetic practice. The experiences with the various manufacturers of such NLS devices were however mostly very unsatisfactory. Thanks to the professional knowledge of our team, we have finally solved these problems for ourselves, since most of the various manufacturers apparently do not or cannot do it. Thus the desire arose for a new NLS device, which is no longer based on the outdated and incorrect basis of the Russian NLS devices (like most NLS devices available on the market), with all the translation errors etc., but which no longer has these deficiencies/errors/problems and whose applications are made more comfortable and simpler.

Out of this wish and the lack of such practical applications, the idea of our Murgee Auto Mouse NLS scripts was born. You can be sure that we always take the time to keep our scripts up to date and that they run with every Biophilia 4D/ Meta Hunter/ 8D LRIS/ Vector/ Bioplasm V6/ 3D+ system, which we personally use in practice or have used before. For devices/software of other manufacturers (with all the miscellaneous errors that are copied) we cannot and do not want to assume any warranty/liability!

In the future, together with an insightful and innovative manufacturer of NLS devices, we will also launch a correspondingly improved and updated NLS system on the market.

In addition, we have now also successfully completed the test phase of our own powerful Rife-Plasma device and will now officially launch it on the market. I have been working successfully with a Bruce Stenulson self-built device for over 30 years, unfortunately these devices are no longer available. Up to now we have not found a suitable manufacturer of real Rife-Plasma devices on the international market, which really keep what their manufacturers promise...

With decades of experience as a well-known healer and Energetic Practitioner (WKO Gold certified) and certified ISHA NLS Apprendice Master, together with the knowledge of an IT/telecommunications specialist, an experienced programmer and computer specialist, an experienced electrical engineer, a senior electrician and an experienced therapist, we always test and know what really works in practice.

So we will continue to offer our "green" projects and NLS scripts and in future our own error-free NLS and Rife-Plasma systems according to the feedback and wishes of the users.

With positive life energy we are always there for our environment, you and your health,

Your Team Seis

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However, the costs for this are now being covered by various private health and supplementary health insurances. Please ask your insurer about this.

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«Eine gute Entscheidung basiert auf Wissen und nicht auf Zahlen.»