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Team Seis - ecological and biological building projects

Nowadays we read and hear so much about environmental protection, climate protection etc.. We don't just talk and write, we are actively committed to it, which is why we have launched and successfully implemented our "green" projects to be available to the whole world. Now our projects are available to the public at reasonable and affordable prices. Thus everyone can make his own and active contribution to environmental protection/climate protection...

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Murgee Auto Mouse - Scripts

Here we offer you our extensive Murgee Auto Mouse utilities for the different NLS software versions.

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Team Seis - meaningful products for health and environment

Here we constantly present you new products, also in use by ourselves, concerning health and environment. Active health care and practiced environmental protection are our maxim!

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Here you can comfortably order all our Team Seis - products online...

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However, the costs for this are now being covered by various private health and supplementary health insurances. Please ask your insurer about this.

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