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Team Seis - 3-/4-/15-stage water filter systems

Pure water such as chlorine-free water and bottled water is generally clean and harmless. Our 3-/4-/15-stage water filters give you more than just clean water. They give a finer, fresher taste and are exactly the right thing for the support of body processes. They promote the detoxification and removal of harmful substances and help to maintain health.

Our body needs π water! π Water or energetic water is a term that stands for water with several unique properties that are important for supplying the cells with fluids and supporting their vital functions. π Water has a tested NMP value (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology) of 46-48 Hz, which is ideal for the human body. No more boiling and no electricity required. On-table/shower/faucet models for self-assembly.

Directly from the manufacturer in China!

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Team Seis - Acupressure Mat Wellness Set Flower of Life

Our CE/ RoHS/ SGS approved acupressure mat set, consisting of mat and/or pillow, is a massage set based on ancient Chinese traditions. It helps to release energetic blockages, reduce stress and relax at the same time.

Directly from the manufacturer in China!

Team Seis - FIR-Jade Germanium Tourmaline Wellness Mattresses

The far infrared ray that the jade mattress releases can improve blood circulation, enhance the power of cells. Using anion potenial therapy could remit pain on the body effectively, meanwhile, it also can act on office workers' fatigue, which is caused by lack of exercise, drinking, smoking, heavy workload, inadequate sleep etc.

For those who are afflicted with rheumatism, arthritic back soreness, insomnia and dreaminess, far-infrared is their best choice, so are sub-healthy people, those with hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. The infrared ray therapy is contributed to expel the toxins in the body by expanding pores of the skin. It makes the skin elastic and beauty. It is also helpful for weight loss, and chronic disease. In addition, it is always used to help relieve many other health problems, including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Our 3 color stone mattress will help you start the right path to vital health.

Directly from the manufacturer in China!

Team Seis - Original Silver Generator Set X20 - Best Colloidal Silver Making Machine

Colloidal silver generators are natural options that help you maintain a good bill of health! A colloidal silver generator is a modern and cost-effective way to make colloidal silver in the comfort of your own home.

We save you the hassle, time, and money by providing all the necessary components, in addition to a manual that will help you achieve an easy setup. Our models make ionic silver that goes through a reduction process, which results in colloidal silver. Ionic silver carries a charge so we employ a reducing agent to stabilize the offset of electrons. Gone are the days of fabricating your own DIY colloidal silver generator.

Better, Faster, Less Expensive. Only use the Best! Directly from the manufacturer!

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Team Seis - Pinhole Glasses

These pinhole glasses are a visual aid to support those people who have decided to do something to improve their vision. The polished corrective lenses of "normal" eyeglasses were replaced by a dark plastic pinhole lens. This limits the amount of incoming light, as with the lens aperture of a camera. Only a focused light beam reaches the photoreceptors of the retina, resulting in a greater depth of focus.

This simple and yet very effective principle is nothing new. Even the Eskimos used a similar technique a long time ago. They made bone goggles with only a narrow gap in the middle. This protects against intensive sunlight and produces a sharper image of the object seen. However, the effectiveness of the glasses is not only based on the lens effect.

The pinhole glasses stimulate the saccade activity and thus the mobility of the eyes very strongly. The eyes have to jump from hole to hole to get a whole picture. This effort has both a training and a relaxing effect on the eyes. Relaxed muscles mean better mobility and more effective work. In addition, blood circulation and oxygen supply to the eyes are improved.

Regular training with pinhole glasses can have a positive effect on perception, visual acuity, colour perception, light tolerance, mobility and vitality of the eyes. Eye exercises are the ideal supplement to pinhole glasses - because the more inflexible and stiffer the eye is, the more frequently the defective vision occurs.

You will also receive the book by Janet Goodrich: Natural Vision Improvement. Detailed tips and information will also be provided in our workshop: Naturally better eyesight without glasses.

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Team Seis - Replacement filter cartridges for our 3-/4-/15-stage water filters

We do not only supply our proven Team Seis water purification filters, but also the suitable replacement cartridges for our Team Seis 3-/4-/15-stage water filters!

Directly from the manufacturer in China!

Team Seis - Since over 40 years offering our own orgonomic products according to Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich just researched and proved in principle the life energy, which he called orgon, but which has been known as Chi by the Chinese for thousands of years and is used in various fields - most famously in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Reich recognized that the entire cosmos is not empty, but is a single large "orgone ocean".

The orgonomic laws are fundamental laws of nature that work whether today's science acknowledges them or not. Matter, as we know it today, is only a certain "state of matter" of life energy. Since everything, to put it simply, consists of life energy, it is clear that it permeates all matter. There's no known way to stop them. It is present everywhere, only in different densities and concentrations.

W. Reich recognized and described the functions of bioenergetic health in humans and developed therapeutic methods, which are still practiced today in various variants and partly under other names. Disease in the sense of orgonomy is a low bioenergetic level and a weak energy change in the organism.

The following developments of Reich, the ORAC (orgone energy accumulator), the Shooter and the DOR (Deadly Orgon) buster date from around 1940:

The ORAC is a kind of Faraday cage made of alternating layers of electrically conductive and non-conductive material. It stores and concentrates the atmospheric orgone energy, so that there is a much higher concentration of orgone in its interior than in the atmosphere surrounding the ORAC. When a biological organism (human, animal or plant) sits inside, the orgone energy is transferred to the organism so that it can "recharge" itself with energy... . The targeted use of ORAC causes a bio-energetic charging of the organism.

The Shooter is a small ORAC that is only used locally. It is a supplement for the big ORAC and not a replacement. In its inside you can charge food, water, energetic preparations etc. with orgone energy. With the Shooter it is also possible to transmit subtle information of any kind, whereby due to its special design no negative or harmful information can be transmitted.

The DOR-Buster will not only be used in energy medicine, but also in the private sector, where it can be used to clean the indoor living atmosphere in order to limit the DOR concentration in the room and in the aura of biological organisms.

According to Austrian law, we do not provide medical advice or other recommendations which can be regarded as medical/therapeutic.

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We hereby inform interested parties that the NLS/ LRIS systems/ software in detail and the bioresonance method in its entirety and its effects as well as psychosomatic energetics have not yet been scientifically proven and are therefore neither recognized by orthodox medicine nor insurance companies. This energetic working method is no substitute for medical diagnosis and therapy.

However, the costs for this are now being covered by various private health and supplementary health insurances. Please ask your insurer about this.

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